I’m a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Leeds, working under the supervision of Prof Helen Steward.

Originally from Easton, Pennsylvania, I did my undergraduate work in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.  I completed an MA in Philosophy at Florida State University in April 2016.

My main academic interests are in philosophy of action (esp. free will and moral responsibility) and metaphysics generally (esp. powers, causation, and personhood).  I also have interests in ethics (esp. meta-ethics) and epistemology.  I’m a very big fan of the spectacularly underrated work of E.J. Lowe, Laurence BonJour, and W.D. Ross, among others.

Outside of philosophy, I enjoy frequent treks into the Yorkshire countryside, playing baseball and softball, and doing a bit of photography.

To get in touch, send an email to the address given on my CV.