Metaphysics (esp. Action and Mind)

My main research interests lie in metaphysics, and have to do with the prospects for a non-causal libertarian account of free action, built upon a substance dualism and a broadly neo-Aristotelian metaphysics including a substance-powers theory of causation.  (I closely adopt and defend an overall framework laid out by E.J. Lowe.)  I am therefore especially interested in theories of personhood, theories of mental causation and causation generally, and the free will debate.


In epistemology, I’m most interested in following Laurence BonJour in defending a moderate form of rationalism, according to which substantive a priori justification is indispensable for all, or nearly all, cases of epistemic justification.  This position is foundationalist and internalist, but leaves room for useful externalist and non-foundationalist varieties of justification and knowledge (as bearing a kind of secondary epistemological status).

Ethics (esp. Metaethics)

My views in ethics lie in the direction of a Rossian ethical intuitionism.  I am therefore interested in defending a realist position that is deontological and non-naturalist in character, and in working on issues in moral epistemology and moral metaphysics.   I also plan to do occasional work in social and political philosophy – namely, in questions having to do with the justification of the state, and with alternative forms of political and economic organization.